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Author Metan S. S.; Kshirsagar A. R.; Samleti G. N.; Patki V. K.
Title Anti-Glare Headlamp a Safe Option for Better Vision to the Rider Type Journal Article
Year 2019 Publication International Journal of Innovative Technology and Exploring Engineering Abbreviated Journal IJITEE
Volume 8 Issue 9S2 Pages 672-678
Keywords Public Safety
Abstract As per the Ministry of Road Transport and Highways report 2018, every day around 410 road fatalities in India, which is one of the highest road crash fatalities in the world. Evaluations show that an average of 1% of nighttime fatal crash lists glare as a major contributor factor. On the multilane highway, vehicle with high glared headlamp light disturbs the approaching motorist eyes due to which the vision of the motorist gets indistinct for a few seconds causing accidents on the road.

In the present work, a novel concept of an anti-glare headlamp is proposed to avoid the temporary blindness of the motorist due to momentary high glares from approaching vehicles. The anti- glare film reduces glare and halos around headlamp light at night and eliminates unattractive reflections on the eyes. A successful attempt is made to analyze the visibility of objects in a scene by inspecting contrast reduction caused by the illuminance contribution. Our visualization of scenes with the cover-up veiling illuminance gives a good indication of the visual problems that might occur, but the images are not exactly what people perceive when observing the scene in reality.

In the present study, after number of samples, it has found that that the mixture of yellow and green color film combination on halogen bulb headlamp will give a good vision to the rider as well as glare-free effect to the approaching motorist. Visualizations with the proposed method can still improve the understanding of human vision so that visual aspects can be taken into account in design and quality assurance of head lamp.
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Author van Schalkwyk, I.; Venkataraman, N.; Shankar, V.; Milton, J.; Bailey, T.; Calais, K.
Title Evaluation of the Safety Performance of Continuous Mainline Roadway Lighting on Freeway Segments in Washington State Type Report
Year 2016 Publication Abbreviated Journal
Volume Issue Pages
Keywords Public Safety; traffic; traffic safety; road safety; continuous roadway lighting; Washington; United States
Abstract Washington State Department of Transportation (WSDOT) evaluated continuous roadway lighting on mainline freeway segments in Washington State. An extensive literature review on the safety performance of roadway lighting was completed. As part of this research effort WSDOT developed multivariate random parameter (RP) models with specific lighting variables for continuous lighting on mainline freeway segments. Roadway lighting is often used as a countermeasure to address nighttime crashes and this research evaluates common assumption related to roadway lighting. The models developed for this research use crashes from the end of civil dusk twilight to the start of civil dawn twilight since lighting systems are of limited value outside these timeframes. Natural light conditions were estimated for crashes based on location and time of the crash event. Based on the RP results, the research team concludes that the contribution of continuous illumination to nighttime crash reduction is negligible. In addition to the findings on safety performance, a pilot LED project on US101 demonstrated that LED roadway lighting can significantly increase energy efficiency and environmental stewardship (e.g., reducing greenhouse gas emissions) while maintaining safety performance outcomes. The research team recommended modification to WSDOT design policy, including removal of the requirement of continuous mainline lighting and reduction of lighting where segment specific analysis indicates appropriate.
Address Washington State Department of Transportation 310 Maple Park Ave SE, Olympia, WA, USA
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Publisher Washington State Department of Transportation Place of Publication Editor
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