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Author Aubé, M.; Simoneau, A.; Muñoz-Tuñón, C.; Díaz-Castro, J.; Serra-Ricart, M.
Title Restoring the night sky darkness at Observatorio del Teide: First application of the model Illumina version 2 Type (up) Journal Article
Year 2020 Publication Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society Abbreviated Journal
Volume 497 Issue 3 Pages 2501-2516
Keywords Skyglow; Teide Observatory; Tenerife; Spain; modeling; Illumina; numerical methods
Abstract The propagation of artificial light into real environments is complex. To perform its numerical modelling with accuracy, one must consider hyperspectral properties of the lighting devices and their geographic positions, the hyperspectral properties of the ground reflectance, the size and distribution of small-scale obstacles, the blocking effect of topography, the lamps angular photometry and the atmospheric transfer function (aerosols and molecules). A detailed radiative transfer model can be used to evaluate how a particular change in the lighting infrastructure may affect the sky radiance. In this paper, we use the new version (v2) of the Illumina model to evaluate a night sky restoration plan for the Teide Observatory located on the island of Tenerife, Spain. In the past decades, the sky darkness was severely degraded by growing light pollution on the Tenerife Island. In this work, we use the contribution maps giving the effect of each pixel of the territory to the artificial sky radiance. We exploit the hyperspectral capabilities of Illumina v2 and show how the contribution maps can be integrated over regions or municipalities according to the Johnson–Cousins photometric bands spectral sensitivities. The sky brightness reductions per municipality after a complete shutdown and a conversion to light-emitting diodes are calculated in the Johnson–Cousins B, V, R bands. We found that the conversion of the lighting infrastructure of Tenerife with LED (1800 and 2700 K), according to the conversion strategy in force, would result in a zenith V-band sky brightness reduction of ≈0.3 mag arcsec−2.
Address Département de physique, Cégep de Sherbrooke, Sherbrooke, 475 rue du Cégep, Sherbrooke, Québec J1E 4K1, Canada; martin.aube ( at ) cegepsherbrooke.qc.ca
Corporate Author Thesis
Publisher Oxford Academic Place of Publication Editor
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ISSN 0035-8711 ISBN Medium
Area Expedition Conference
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Author Nievas Rosillo, M.
Title Absolute photometry and Night Sky Brightness with all-sky cameras Type (up) Report
Year 2013 Publication e-prints Complutense Abbreviated Journal e-prints Complutense
Volume Issue 24626 Pages
Keywords Instrumentation; skyglow; measurement; modeling
Abstract All-sky cameras have proven to be powerful tools to continuously monitoring the sky in a wide range of fields in both Astrophysics and Meteorology. In this work, we have developed a complete software pipeline to analyze the night CCD images obtained with one of such systems. This let us to study typical parameters used in Astrophysics to characterize the night sky quality, such as the Sky Brightness, the Cloud Coverage and the Atmospheric Extinction, how they evolve over the time and their variability. Using our software, we analyzed a large set of data from AstMon-OT all-sky camera at Teide Observatory. Results from this work have been applied in the support to the spanish CTA site proposal at Izaña, Tenerife and are being discussed within the CTA consortium. A comparison with data from other devices that have been used in site characterization such as the IAC80 telescope is also presented. This comparison is used to validate the results of the analysis of all-sky images. Finally, we test our software with AstMon-UCM and DSLR cameras. Some general recommendations for the use of DSLR cameras are provided.
Address Departamento de Astrofí­sica y Ciencias de la Atmosfera, Universidad Complutense de Madrid, Madrid, Spain
Corporate Author Thesis Master's thesis
Publisher Place of Publication Madrid Editor
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Series Editor Series Title e-prints Complutense Abbreviated Series Title
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Area Expedition Conference
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Call Number IDA @ john @ Serial 1437
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