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Firebaugh, A.; Haynes, K.J. Light pollution may create demographic traps for nocturnal insects 2018 Basic and Applied Ecology 34 118-125
Bolliger, J.; Hennet, T.; Wermelinger, B.; Bösch, R.; Pazur, R.; Blum, S.; Haller, J.; Obrist, M.K. Effects of traffic-regulated street lighting on nocturnal insect abundance and bat activity 2020 Basic and Applied Ecology in press in press
Villarroya-Villalba, L.; Casanelles-Abella, J.; Moretti, M.; Pinho, P.; Samson, R.; Van Mensel, A.; Chiron, F.; Zellweger, F.; Obrist, M.K. Response of bats and nocturnal insects to urban green areas in Europe 2021 Basic and Applied Ecology in press