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Christie, S.; Vincent, A.D.; Li, H.; Frisby, C.L.; Kentish, S.J.; O'Rielly, R.; Wittert, G.A.; Page, A.J. A rotating light cycle promotes weight gain and hepatic lipid storage in mice 2018 American Journal of Physiology. Gastrointestinal and Liver Physiology in press
Higuchi, S.; Fukuda, T.; Kozaki, T.; Takahashi, M.; Miura, N. Effectiveness of a Red-visor Cap for Preventing Light-induced Melatonin Suppression during Simulated Night Work 2011 Journal of PHYSIOLOGICAL ANTHROPOLOGY 30 251-258
Kozaki, T.; Hidaka, Y.; Takakura, J.-Y.; Kusano, Y. Suppression of salivary melatonin secretion under 100-Hz flickering and non-flickering blue light 2018 Journal of Physiological Anthropology 37 23
Kozaki, T.; Kubokawa, A.; Taketomi, R.; Hatae, K. Effects of day-time exposure to different light intensities on light-induced melatonin suppression at night 2015 Journal of Physiological Anthropology 34 27
Lee, S.; Kakitsuba, N.; Katsuura, T. Do green-blocking glasses enhance the nonvisual effects of white polychromatic light? 2018 Journal of Physiological Anthropology 37 29