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Pilz, L.K.; Levandovski, R.; Oliveira, M.A.B.; Hidalgo, M.P.; Roenneberg, T. Sleep and light exposure across different levels of urbanisation in Brazilian communities 2018 Scientific Reports 8 11389
Raap, T.; Pinxten, R.; Casasole, G.; Dehnhard, N.; Eens, M. Ambient anthropogenic noise but not light is associated with the ecophysiology of free-living songbird nestlings 2017 Scientific Reports 7 2754
Raap, T.; Pinxten, R.; Eens, M. Light pollution disrupts sleep in free-living animals 2015 Scientific Reports 5 13557
Rodriguez, A.; Rodriguez, B.; Negro, J.J. GPS tracking for mapping seabird mortality induced by light pollution 2015 Scientific Reports 5 10670
Sanders, D.; Kehoe, R.; Tiley, K.; Bennie, J.; Cruse, D.; Davies, T.W.; Frank van Veen, F.J.; Gaston, K.J. Artificial nighttime light changes aphid-parasitoid population dynamics 2015 Scientific Reports 5 15232