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Price, L.L.A.; Udovicic, L.; Behrens, T.; van Drongelen, A.; Garde, A.H.; Hogenelst, K.; Jensen, M.A.; Khazova, M.; Nowak, K.; Rabstein, S.; Romanus, E.; Wolska, A. Linking the non-visual effects of light exposure with occupational health 2019 International Journal of Epidemiology 48 1393–1397
Rabstein, S.; Burek, K.; Lehnert, M.; Beine, A.; Vetter, C.; Harth, V.; Putzke, S.; Kantermann, T.; Walther, J.; Wang-Sattler, R.; Pallapies, D.; Brüning, T.; Behrens, T. Differences in twenty-four-hour profiles of blue-light exposure between day and night shifts in female medical staff 2019 Science of The Total Environment 653 1025-1033