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Peña-García, A.; Sędziwy, A. Optimizing Lighting of Rural Roads and Protected Areas with White Light: A Compromise among Light Pollution, Energy Savings, and Visibility 2019 Leukos in press 15502724.2019.1574138
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Shan, J.; Liu, Y.; Kong, X.; Liu, Y.; Wang, Y. Identifying City Shrinkage in Population and City Activity in the Middle Reaches of the Yangtze River, China 2020 Journal of Urban Planning and Development 146 04020027-1 - 04020027-11
Zangeneh, P.; Hamledari, H.; McCabe, B. Quantifying Remoteness for Risk and Resilience Assessment Using Nighttime Satellite Imagery 2020 Journal of Computing in Civil Engineering 34 04020026
Liu, J.; Cai, J.; Lin, S.; Zhao, J. Analysis of Factors Affecting a Driver’s Driving Speed Selection in Low Illumination 2020 Journal of Advanced Transportation 2020 Article ID 2817801