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Chen, H.; Zhang, X.; Wu, R.; Cai, T. Revisiting the environmental Kuznets curve for city-level CO2 emissions: based on corrected NPP-VIIRS nighttime light data in China 2020 Journal of Cleaner Production 121575
Chang, S.; Wang, J.; Zhang, F.; Niu, L.; Wang, Y. A study of the impacts of urban expansion on vegetation primary productivity levels in the Jing-Jin-Ji region, based on nighttime light data 2020 Journal of Cleaner Production 263 121490
Ardavani, O.; Zerefos, S.; Doulos, L.T. Redesigning the exterior lighting as part of the urban landscape: The role of transgenic bioluminescent plants in mediterranean urban and suburban lighting environments 2020 Journal of Cleaner Production 242 118477
Li, P.; Zhang, H.; Wang, X.; Song, X.; Shibasaki, R. A spatial finer electric load estimation method based on night-light satellite image 2020 Energy 209 118475
Huang, G.; Huang, Y.; Liu, Z.; Wei, J.; Zhu, Q.; Jiang, G.; Jin, X.; Li, Q.; Li, F. White light-emitting diodes based on quaternary Ag–In-Ga-S quantum dots and their influences on melatonin suppression index 2021 Journal of Luminescence 233 117903