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Haddock, J., K., Threlfall, C. G., Law, B., & Hochuli, D. F. Responses of insectivorous bats and nocturnal insects to local changes in street light technology 2019 Austral Ecology 44 1052-1064
Myers, L.; Christian, K.; Kirchner, R. Flowering responses of 48 lines of oilseed rape (Brassica spp.) to vernalization and daylength 1982 Australian Journal of Agricultural Research 33 927
Senior, K.L.; Ramsauer, J.; McCarthy, M.A.; Kelly, L.T. The influence of weather and moon phase on small mammal activity 2020 Australian Mammalogy in press in press
Linley, G.D.; Pauligk, Y.; Marneweck, C.; Ritchie, E.G. Moon phase and nocturnal activity of native Australian mammals 2020 Australian Mammalogy in press in press
Smith, H.M.; Neaves, L.E.; Divljan, A. Predation on cicadas by an Australian Flying-fox Pteropus poliocephalus based on DNA evidence 2018 Australian Zoologist in press