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Lessmann, C.; Steinkraus, A. The geography of natural resources, ethnic inequality and civil conflicts 2019 European Journal of Political Economy 59 33-51
Lessmann, C.; Seidel, A. Regional inequality, convergence, and its determinants – A view from outer space 2017 European Economic Review 92 110-132
Fabian, M.; Lessmann, C.; Sofke, T. Natural disasters and regional development – the case of earthquakes 2019 Environment and Development Economics 24 479-505
Määttä, I.; Lessmann, C. Human Lights 2019 Remote Sensing 11 2194
Kolláth, Z.; Cool, A.; Jechow, A.; Kolláth, K.; Száz, D.; Tong, K.P. Introducing the Dark Sky Unit for multi-spectral measurement of the night sky quality with commercial digital cameras 2020 Journal of Quantitative Spectroscopy and Radiative Transfer 253 107162