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Sangkasem, K.; Puttanapong, N. Analysis of spatial inequality using DMSP‐OLS nighttime‐light satellite imageries: A case study of Thailand 2020 Regional Science Policy & Practice in press
Okuliarova, M.; Mazgutova, N.; Majzunova, M.; Rumanova, V.S.; Zeman, M. Dim Light at Night Impairs Daily Variation of Circulating Immune Cells and Renal Immune Homeostasis 2021 Frontiers in Immunology 11
Li, J.; Cai, Y.; Zhang, P.; Zhang, Q.; Jing, Z.; Wu, Q.; Qiu, Y.; Ma, S.; Chen, Z. Satellite observation of a newly developed light-fishing “hotspot” in the open South China Sea 2021 Remote Sensing of Environment 256 112312
Gaster, L. Modern methods of artificial illumination. Part VI 1909 Journal of the Royal Society of Arts 57 867-889