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Author Title Year Publication Volume (up) Pages
Dutcher, W. Bird Notes from Long Island, N. Y 1884 The Auk 1 174-179
Moore, B. The Relative Length of Day and Night 1920 Ecology 1 234-237
Commons, J.R. Municipal Electric Lighting 1897 1
Sedgwick, W.T.; Schneider JR., F. The Relation Of Illuminating Gas To Public Health 1911 Journal of the American Public Health Association 1 385-390
Letu, H.; Nakajima, T.Y.; Nishio, F. Regional-Scale Estimation of Electric Power and Power Plant CO2Emissions Using Defense Meteorological Satellite Program Operational Linescan System Nighttime Satellite Data 2014 Environmental Science & Technology Letters 1 259-265