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Libertun de Duren, N, & Osorio, R. The Effect of Public Expenditure on the Housing Deficit in Peru at the Municipal Level 2020 Housing Policy Debate 1-23
Lapostolle, D, & Challéat, S. Making Darkness a Place-Based Resource: How the Fight against Light Pollution Reconfigures Rural Areas in France 2020 Annals of the American Association of Geographers
Chu, L., Oloo, F., Sudmanns, M., Tiede, D., Hölbling, D.,Blaschke, T., & Teleoaca, I. Monitoring long-term shoreline dynamics and human activities in the Hangzhou Bay, China, combining daytime and nighttime EO data 2020 Big Earth Data
Müller-Crepon, C. Indirect Rule, Cash Crop Production, and Development in Africa 2020
Bolliger, J. Hennet, T., Wermelinger, B., Blum, S., Haller, J. & Obrist, M. Low impact of two LED colors on nocturnal insect abundance and bat activity in a peri‑urban environment 2020 Journal of Insect Conservation