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Zheng, Q.; Teo, H.C.; Koh, L.P. Artificial Light at Night Advances Spring Phenology in the United States 2021 Remote Sensing 13 399
Li, J.; Cai, Y.; Zhang, P.; Zhang, Q.; Jing, Z.; Wu, Q.; Qiu, Y.; Ma, S.; Chen, Z. Satellite observation of a newly developed light-fishing “hotspot” in the open South China Sea 2021 Remote Sensing of Environment 256 112312
Okuliarova, M.; Mazgutova, N.; Majzunova, M.; Rumanova, V.S.; Zeman, M. Dim Light at Night Impairs Daily Variation of Circulating Immune Cells and Renal Immune Homeostasis 2021 Frontiers in Immunology 11
Singhal, R. K.; Chauhan, J.; Jatav, H. S.; Rajput, V. D.; Singh, G. S.; Bose, B. Artificial night light alters ecosystem services provided by biotic components 2021 BIOLOGIA FUTURA in press
Skoufias, E.; Strobl, E.; Tveit, T. Can we rely on VIIRS nightlights to estimate the short-term impacts of natural hazards? Evidence from five South East Asian countries 2021 Geomatics, Natural Hazards and Risk 12 381-404