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Zheng, Y.; Zhou, Q.; He, Y.; Wang, C.; Wang, X.; Wang, H. An Optimized Approach for Extracting Urban Land Based on Log-Transformed DMSP-OLS Nighttime Light, NDVI, and NDWI 2021 Remote Sensing 13 766
Baddiley, C. Light pollution colour changes at MHAONB, from distant town conversions to blue-rich LED lighting, implications for rural UK skies 2021 Journal of Quantitative Spectroscopy and Radiative Transfer in press 107574
Martín, B.; Pérez, H.; Ferrer, M. Light-Emitting Diodes (LED): A Promising Street Light System to Reduce the Attraction to Light of Insects 2021 Diversity 13 89
Challéat, S.; Barré, K.; Laforge, A.; Lapostolle, D.; Franchomme, M.; Sirami, C.; Le Viol, I.; Milian, J.; Kerbiriou, C. Grasping darkness: the dark ecological network as a social-ecological framework to limit the impacts of light pollution on biodiversity 2021 Ecology and Society 26
Forsburg, Z.R.; Guzman, A.; Gabor, C.R. Artificial light at light (ALAN) affects the stress physiology but not the behavior or growth of Rana berlandieri and Bufo valliceps 2021 Environmental Pollution in press 116775