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Khan, S.; Yong, V.W.; Xue, M. Circadian disruption in mice through chronic jetlag-like conditions modulates molecular profiles of cancer in nucleus accumbens and prefrontal cortex 2021 Carcinogenesis in press
Krupiński, R. Simulation and Analysis of Floodlighting Based on 3D Computer Graphics 2021 Energies 14 1042
Kupprat, F.; Holker, F.; Knopf, K.; Preuer, T.; Kloas, W. Innate immunity, oxidative stress, and body indices of Eurasian perch Perca fluviatilis after two weeks of exposure to artificial light at night 2021 Journal of Fish Biology in press
Nuñez, J.D.; Bas, C.C.; Pérez García, M.; Ocampo, E.H.; Ribeiro, P.D.; Luppi, T.A. Artificial light at night may increase the predation pressure in a salt marsh keystone species 2021 Marine Environmental Research in press 105285
Haynes, K.J.; Robertson, B.A. A transdisciplinary research agenda for understanding insect responses to ecological light pollution informed by evolutionary trap theory 2021 Current Opinion in Insect Science in press