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Quintanilla-Ahumada, D.; Quijon, P.A.; Pulgar, J.; Manriquez, P.H.; Garcia-Huidobro, M.R.; Duarte, C. Exposure to artificial light at night (ALAN) alters RNA:DNA ratios in a sandy beach coleopteran insect 2021 Marine Pollution Bulletin 165 112132
Martin, J.S.; Laberge, L.; Sasseville, A.; Berube, M.; Alain, S.; Lavoie, J.; Houle, J.; Hebert, M. Timely use of in-car dim blue light and blue blockers in the morning does not improve circadian adaptation of fast rotating shift workers 2021 Chronobiology International in press
Yang, M.; Hu, F.; Leng, X.; Chi, X.; Yin, D.; Ding, J.; Li, X.; Zuo, R.; Chang, Y.; Zhao, C. Long-term effects of light spectra on fitness related behaviors and growth of the sea urchin Strongylocentrotus intermedius 2021 Aquaculture 537 736518
Ren, Z.; Liu, Y.; Chen, B.; Xu, B. Where Does Nighttime Light Come From? Insights from Source Detection and Error Attribution 2020 Remote Sensing 12 1922
Wuchterl, G.; Reithofer, M. Licht über Wien VII 2020