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Sepp, T.; Webb, E.; Simpson, R.K.; Giraudeau, M.; McGraw, K.J.; Hutton, P. Light at night reduces digestive efficiency of developing birds: an experiment with king quail 2021 Die Naturwissenschaften 108 4
Pásková, M.; Budinská, N.; Zelenka, J. Astrotourism–Exceeding Limits of the Earth and Tourism Definitions? 2021 Sustainability 13 373
Lynn, K.D.; Tummon Flynn, P.; Manriquez, K.; Manriquez, P.H.; Pulgar, J.; Duarte, C.; Quijon, P.A. Artificial light at night alters the settlement of acorn barnacles on a man-made habitat in Atlantic Canada 2021 Marine Pollution Bulletin 163 111928
van Hasselt, S.J.; Hut, R.A.; Allocca, G.; Vyssotski, A.L.; Piersma, T.; Rattenborg, N.C.; Meerlo, P. Cloud cover amplifies the sleep-suppressing effect of artificial light at night in geese 2021 Environmental Pollution in press 116444
Li, F.; Li, E.; Zhang, C.; Samat, A.; Liu, W.; Li, C.; Atkinson, P. Estimating Artificial Impervious Surface Percentage in Asia by Fusing Multi-Temporal MODIS and VIIRS Nighttime Light Data 2021 Remote Sensing 13 212