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Abay, K.A.; Amare, M. Night light intensity and women's body weight: Evidence from Nigeria 2018 Economics and Human Biology 31 238-248
Becker, D.J.; Singh, D.; Pan, Q.; Montoure, J.D.; Talbott, K.M.; Wanamaker, S.M.; Ketterson, E.D. Artificial light at night amplifies seasonal relapse of haemosporidian parasites in a widespread songbird 2020 Proceedings. Biological Sciences 287 20201831
Hale, J.D.; Davies, G.; Fairbrass, A.J.; Matthews, T.J.; Rogers, C.D.F.; Sadler, J.P. Mapping lightscapes: spatial patterning of artificial lighting in an urban landscape 2013 PloS one 8 e61460