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Pritchard, S.B. The Trouble with Darkness: NASA's Suomi Satellite Images of Earth at Night 2017 Environmental History 22 312-330
Kamrowski, R.L.; Sutton, S.G.; Tobin, R.C.; Hamann, M. Potential applicability of persuasive communication to light-glow reduction efforts: a case study of marine turtle conservation 2014 Environmental Management 54 583-595
Schroer, S.; Hölker F.; Corcho, O. The impact of citizen science on research about artificial light at night 2016 Environmental Scientist 25 18-24
Stone, T. Light Pollution: A Case Study in Framing an Environmental Problem 2017 Ethics, Policy & Environment 20 279-293
Contel, T.M.; Ferrandis, I.G.; Ferrandis, X.G. Light pollution in natural science textbooks in Spanish secondary education 2016 European Journal of Science and Mathematics Education 4 129-139