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Ardavani O. Alternatives to artificial lighting: Varying patterns of bio-light in architecture 2020 Archidoct 8 80-91
Kretzer, D. M.; Walczak, M. The Impact of Vertical Densification on Public Lighting in Informal Settlements: Using Virtual Environments as an Evaluation Tool for Policy Making 2020 Athens Journal of Architecture in press
Clarke, R.B.; Amini, H.; James, P.; von Euler-Chelpin, M.; Jorgensen, J.T.; Mehta, A.; Cole-Hunter, T.; Westendorp, R.; Mortensen, L.H.; Loft, S.; Brandt, J.; Hertel, O.; Ketzel, M.; Backalarz, C.; Andersen, Z.J.; Lim, Y.-H. Outdoor light at night and breast cancer incidence in the Danish Nurse Cohort 2020 Environmental Research 194 110631
Falchi, F.; Bará, S. A linear systems approach to protect the night sky: implications for current and future regulations 2020 Royal Society Open Science 7 201501
Gagliardi, G.; Lupia, M.; Cario, G.; Tedesco, F.; Cicchello Gaccio, F.; Lo Scudo, F.; Casavola, A. Advanced Adaptive Street Lighting Systems for Smart Cities 2020 Smart Cities 3 1495-1512