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Ditmer, M.A.; Iannarilli, F.; Tri, A.N.; Garshelis, D.L.; Carter, N.H. Artificial night light helps account for observer bias in citizen science monitoring of an expanding large mammal population 2021 The Journal of Animal Ecology 90 330-342
Rydell, J.; Elfstrom, M.; Eklof, J.; Sanchez-Navarro, S. Dramatic decline of northern bat Eptesicus nilssonii in Sweden over 30 years 2020 Royal Society Open Science 7 191754
Gomes, D.G.E.; Appel, G.; Barber, J.R. Time of night and moonlight structure vertical space use by insectivorous bats in a Neotropical rainforest: an acoustic monitoring study 2020 PeerJ 8 e10591
Walczak, K.; Crim, G.; Gesite, T.; Habtemichael, S.; Morgan, J.; Tarr, C.; Turkic, L.; Wiedemann, J. The GONet (Ground Observing Network) Camera: An Inexpensive Light Pollution Monitoring System 2020 preprint
Li, H.; Wu, M.; Tian, D.; Wu, L.; Niu, Z. Monitoring and analysis of the expansion of the Ajmr Port, Davao City, Philippines using multi-source remote sensing data 2019 PeerJ 7 e7512