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Grant, R.; Halliday, T.; Chadwick, E. Amphibians' response to the lunar synodic cycle--a review of current knowledge, recommendations, and implications for conservation 2013 Behavioral Ecology 24 53-62
Hart, E.E.; Fennessy, J.; Hauenstein, S.; Ciuti, S. Intensity of giraffe locomotor activity is shaped by solar and lunar zeitgebers 2020 Behavioural Processes in press in press
Helfrich-Förster, C.; Monecke, S.; Spiousas, I.; Hovestadt, T.; Mitesser, O.; Wehr, T.A. Women temporarily synchronize their menstrual cycles with the luminance and gravimetric cycles of the Moon 2021 Science Advances 7 eabe1358
Jones, A.; Noll, S.; Kausch, W.; Szyszka, C.; Kimeswenger, S. An advanced scattered moonlight model for Cerro Paranal 2013 Astronomy & Astrophysics 560 A91
Kloock, C.T.; Kubli, A.; Reynolds, R. Ultraviolet light detection: a function of scorpion fluorescence 2010 Journal of Arachnology 38 441-445