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Clifton, C.; Cooley, R.; Rennie, J. TopCat: data mining for topic identification in a text corpus 2004 IEEE Transactions on Knowledge and Data Engineering 16 949-964
Coesfeld, J.; Anderson, S.; Baugh, K.; Elvidge, C.; Schernthanner, H.; Kyba, C. Variation of Individual Location Radiance in VIIRS DNB Monthly Composite Images 2018 Remote Sensing 10 1964
Coffin, D. Dave Coffinś DCRAW. 2006
Conci, A. SQM-PI:helping asronomers to measure light pollution 2013 Universita Trento
Correa-Cano, M.E.; Goettsch, B.; Duffy, J.P.; Bennie, J.; Inger, R.; Gaston, K.J. Erosion of natural darkness in the geographic ranges of cacti 2018 Scientific Reports 8 4347