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Lee, S.-I.; Kinoshita, S.; Noguchi, A.; Eto, T.; Ohashi, M.; Nishimura, Y.; Maeda, K.; Motomura, Y.; Awata, Y.; Higuchi, S. Melatonin suppression during a simulated night shift in medium intensity light is increased by 10-minute breaks in dim light and decreased by 10-minute breaks in bright light 2020 Chronobiology International in press in press
Touitou, Y.; Point, S. Effects and mechanisms of action of light-emitting diodes on the human retina and internal clock 2020 Environmental Research 190 in press
Gatford, K.L.; Kennaway, D.J.; Liu, H.; Schultz, C.G.; Wooldridge, A.L.; Kuchel, T.R.; Varcoe, T.J. Simulated shift work during pregnancy does not impair progeny metabolic outcomes in sheep 2020 The Journal of Physiology in press in press
Zhang, S.; Wang, Y.; Zhu, Y.; Li, X.; Song, Y.; Yuan, J. Rotating Night Shift Work, Exposure to Light at Night, and Glomerular Filtration Rate: Baseline Results from a Chinese Occupational Cohort 2020 International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health 17
Lowden, A.; Ozturk, G.; Reynolds, A.; Bjorvatn, B. Working Time Society consensus statements: Evidence based interventions using light to improve circadian adaptation to working hours 2019 Industrial Health 57 213-227