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Moaraf, S.; Heiblum, R.; Vistoropsky, Y.; Okuliarova, M.; Zeman, M.; Barnea, A. Artificial Light at Night Increases Recruitment of New Neurons and Differentially Affects Various Brain Regions in Female Zebra Finches 2020 International Journal of Molecular Sciences 21
Yang, Y.; Liu, Q.; Wang, T.; Pan, J. Wavelength-specific artificial light disrupts molecular clock in avian species: A power-calibrated statistical approach 2020 Environmental Pollution (Barking, Essex : 1987) 265 114206
Steell, S.C.; Cooke, S.J.; Eliason, E.J. Artificial light at night does not alter heart rate or locomotor behaviour in Caribbean spiny lobster (Panulirus argus): insights into light pollution and physiological disturbance using biologgers 2020 Conservation Physiology 8 coaa097
Challéat, S.; Barré, K.; Laforge, A.; Lapostolle, D.; Franchomme, M.; Sirami, C.; Le Viol, I.; Milian, J.; Kerbiriou, C. Grasping darkness: the dark ecological network as a social-ecological framework to limit the impacts of light pollution on biodiversity 2021 Ecology and Society 26