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Umar, M.; Atif, S.; Hildebrandt, M.L.; Tahir, A.; Azmat, M.; Zeeshan, M. Trends of Aerosol Optical Thickness Using VIIRS S-NPP During Fog Episodes in Pakistan and India 2021 Atmosphere 12 242
Jägerbrand, A.K. Development of an Indicator System for Local Governments to Plan and Evaluate Sustainable Outdoor Lighting 2021 Sustainability 13 1506
Small, C.; Sousa, D. Spatiotemporal evolution of COVID-19 infection and detection within night light networks: comparative analysis of USA and China 2021 Applied Network Science 6
Zhang, E.; Feng, H.; Peng, S.; Garg, A. Measurement of Urban Expansion and Spatial Correlation of Central Yunnan Urban Agglomeration Using Nighttime Light Data 2021 Mathematical Problems in Engineering 2021 1-15
Latchem, E.; Madliger, C.L.; Abrams, A.E.I.; Cooke, S.J. Does Artificial Light at Night Alter the Subsequent Diurnal Behavior of a Teleost Fish? 2021 Water, Air, & Soil Pollution 232 in press