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Bolliger, J.; Hennet, T.; Wermelinger, B.; Bösch, R.; Pazur, R.; Blum, S.; Haller, J.; Obrist, M.K. Effects of traffic-regulated street lighting on nocturnal insect abundance and bat activity 2020 Basic and Applied Ecology in press in press
Li, G.; Gao, J.; Li, L.; Hou, P. Human pressure dynamics in protected areas of China based on nighttime light 2020 Global Ecology and Conservation in press e01222
Dickerson, A.L.; Hall, M.L.; Jones, T.M. The effect of variation in moonlight on nocturnal song of a diurnal bird species 2020 Behavioral Ecology and Sociobiology 74 in press
Kehoe, R.; Sanders, D.; Cruse, D.; Silk, M.; Gaston, K.J.; Bridle, J.R.; van Veen, F. Longer photoperiods through range shifts and artificial light lead to a destabilising increase in host-parasitoid interaction strength 2020 The Journal of Animal Ecology in press in press