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Digby, A; Towsey, M; Bell, B D; Teal, PD Temporal and environmental influences on the vocal behaviour of a nocturnal bird 2014 Journal of Avian Biology 45 591-599
Eriksen, A.; Wabakken, P. Activity patterns at the Arctic Circle: nocturnal eagle owls and interspecific interactions during continuous midsummer daylight 2018 Journal of Avian Biology 49 e01781
Hüppop, O.; Hilgerloh, G. Flight call rates of migrating thrushes: effects of wind conditions, humidity and time of day at an illuminated offshore platform 2012 Journal of Avian Biology 43 85-90
Holveck, M.-J.; Grégoire, A.; Doutrelant, C.; Lambrechts, M.M. Nest height is affected by lamppost lighting proximity in addition to nestbox size in urban great tits 2018 Journal of Avian Biology in press
Lee, J.G.-H.; MacGregor-Fors, I.; Yeh, P.J. Sunrise in the city: disentangling drivers of the avian dawn chorus onset in urban greenspaces 2017 Journal of Avian Biology 48 955-964