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Bolliger, J. Hennet, T., Wermelinger, B., Blum, S., Haller, J. & Obrist, M. Low impact of two LED colors on nocturnal insect abundance and bat activity in a peri‑urban environment 2020 Journal of Insect Conservation
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Málnás, K.; Polyák, L.; Prill, É.; Hegedüs, R.; Kriska, G.; Dévai, G.; Horváth, G.; Lengyel, S. Bridges as optical barriers and population disruptors for the mayfly Palingenia longicauda: an overlooked threat to freshwater biodiversity? 2011 Journal of Insect Conservation 15 823-832
Picchi, M.S.; Avolio, L.; Azzani, L.; Brombin, O.; Camerini, G. Fireflies and land use in an urban landscape: the case of Luciola italica L. (Coleoptera: Lampyridae) in the city of Turin 2013 Journal of Insect Conservation 17 797-805
van Grunsven, R.H.A.; Donners, M.; Boekee, K.; Tichelaar, I.; van Geffen, K.G.; Groenendijk, D.; Berendse, F.; Veenendaal, E.M. Spectral composition of light sources and insect phototaxis, with an evaluation of existing spectral response models 2014 Journal of Insect Conservation 18 225-231