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Azam, C.; Le Viol, I.; Julien, J.-F.; Bas, Y.; Kerbiriou, C. Disentangling the relative effect of light pollution, impervious surfaces and intensive agriculture on bat activity with a national-scale monitoring program 2016 Landscape Ecology 31 2471-2483
Peng, J.; Liu, Q.; Blaschke, T.; Zhang, Z.; Liu, Y.; Hu, Y.’na; Wang, M.; Xu, Z.; Wu, J. Integrating land development size, pattern, and density to identify urban–rural fringe in a metropolitan region 2020 Landscape Ecology 35 2045-2059
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Kyba, C.C.M.; Hölker, F. Do artificially illuminated skies affect biodiversity in nocturnal landscapes? 2013 Landscape Ecology 28 1637-1640
Almpanidou, V.; Tsapalou, V.; Tsavdaridou, A.I.; Mazaris, A.D. The dark side of raptors’ distribution ranges under climate change 2020 Landscape Ecology 35 1435-1443