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Rydin, C; Bolinder, K Moonlight pollination in the gymnosperm Ephedra (Gnetales) 2015 Biology Letters 11 20140993
Halfwerk, W.; Slabbekoorn, H. Pollution going multimodal: the complex impact of the human-altered sensory environment on animal perception and performance 2015 Biology Letters 11 20141051
Davies, T.W.; Coleman, M.; Griffith, K.M.; Jenkins, S.R. Night-time lighting alters the composition of marine epifaunal communities 2015 Biology Letters 11 20150080-20150080
Ogawa, Y.; Falkowski, M.; Narendra, A.; Zeil, J.; Hemmi, J.M. Three spectrally distinct photoreceptors in diurnal and nocturnal Australian ants 2015 Proceedings of the Royal Society B: Biological Sciences 282 20150673-20150673
Ouyang, J.Q; Maaike de Jong, M.H.; Visser, M.E.; van Grunsven, R.H.A.; Ouyang, J.Q Stressful colours: corticosterone concentrations in a free-living songbird vary with the spectral composition of experimental illumination 2015 Biology Letters 11 20150517