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Gstach, D. Spot an – Frauen erobern die nächtlicheStadt / In the spotlight: women take possession of the city at night 2004 Topos 46 97–102
Ritter, J. Lichtplanungist out – eslebe das Lichtdesign / Light planning is out – long live lighting design. 2004 Topos 46 39–45
Stone, T. Re-envisioning the Nocturnal Sublime: On the Ethics and Aesthetics of Nighttime Lighting 2018 Topoi In press
Huemer, M. P.; Kühtreiber, M. H.; Tarmann, M. G. Anlockwirkung moderner Leuchtmittel auf nachtaktive Insekten Ergebnisse einer Feldstudie in Tirol 2010 Tiroler Landesumweltanwartschaft 33
Amano, T.; Ripperger, J.A.; Albrecht, U. Changing the light schedule in late pregnancy alters birth timing in mice 2020 Theriogenology in press