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Ekirch, A.R. At Day’s Close – Night in Times Past 2005 W. W. Norton & Company, New York, London
Nordt, A.; R. Klenke, Schläfst du noch oder singst du schon – Verschiebung des morgendlichen Gesangsbeginns stadtlebender Amseln 2011 Vogelwarte 49 306
Edensor, T. Light design and atmosphere 2015 Visual Communication 14 331-350
Schaefer, B.E. Astronomy and the limits of vision 1993 Vistas in Astronomy 36 311-361
Manor, S.; Polak, O.; Saidel, W.M.; Goulet, T.L.; Shashar, N. Light intensity mediated polarotaxis in Pontella karachiensis (Pontellidae, Copepoda) 2009 Vision Research 49 2371-2378