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Roychowdhury, K.; Taubenbock, H.; Jones, S. Delineating urban, suburban and rural areas using Landsat and DMSP-OLS night-time images 2011 Urban Remote Sensing Event (JURSE), 2011 Joint 33 - 36
Zielinska-Dabkowska, K.M. Urban Lighting Masterplan—Definitions, Methodologies and Collaboration 2019 Urban Lighting for People: Evidence—Based Lighting Design for the Built Environment 18–41
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Clewley, G.D.; Plummer, K.E.; Robinson, R.A.; Simm, C.H.; Toms, M.P. The effect of artificial lighting on the arrival time of birds using garden feeding stations in winter: A missed opportunity? 2015 Urban Ecosystems 19 535–546