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Freedman, M.S. Regulation of Mammalian Circadian Behavior by Non-rod, Non-cone, Ocular Photoreceptors 1999 Science 284 502-504
Spoelstra, K.; van Grunsven, R.H.A.; Ramakers, J.J.C.; Ferguson, K.B.; Raap, T.; Donners, M.; Veenendaal, E.M.; Visser, M.E. Response of bats to light with different spectra: light-shy and agile bat presence is affected by white and green, but not red light 2017 Proceedings. Biological Sciences 284
Miller, C.R.; Barton, B.T.; Zhu, L.; Radeloff, V.C.; Oliver, K.M.; Harmon, J.P.; Ives, A.R. Combined effects of night warming and light pollution on predator-prey interactions 2017 Proceedings. Biological Sciences 284
Wright, K.P.J.; Hull, J.T.; Czeisler, C.A. Relationship between alertness, performance, and body temperature in humans 2002 American Journal of Physiology. Regulatory, Integrative and Comparative Physiology 283 R1370-7
ffrench-Constant, R.; Somers-Yeates, R.; Bennie, J.; Economou, T.; Hodgson, D.; Spalding, A.; McGregor, P. Light pollution is associated with earlier tree budburst across the United Kingdom 2016 Proceedings of the Royal Society B: Biological Sciences 283 1-9