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Gabinet, N.M.; Portnov, B.A. Assessing the impacts of ALAN and noise proxies on sleep duration and quality: evidence from a nation-wide survey in Israel 2021 Chronobiology International in press
Owens, A.C.S.; Lewis, S.M. Effects of artificial light on growth, development, and dispersal of two North American fireflies (Coleoptera: Lampyridae) 2021 Journal of Insect Physiology in press 104200
Rodríguez, A.; Orozco-Valor, P.M.; Sarasola, J.H. Artificial light at night as a driver of urban colonization by an avian predator 2021 Landscape Ecology 36 17-27
Yin, J.; Qiu, Y.; Zhang, B. Identification of Poverty Areas by Remote Sensing and Machine Learning: A Case Study in Guizhou, Southwest China 2021 ISPRS International Journal of Geo-Information 10 11
Reiter, R.J.; Sharma, R.; Ma, Q. Switching diseased cells from cytosolic aerobic glycolysis to mitochondrial oxidative phosphorylation: A metabolic rhythm regulated by melatonin? 2021 Journal of Pineal Research 70 e12677