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Huang, G.; Huang, Y.; Liu, Z.; Wei, J.; Zhu, Q.; Jiang, G.; Jin, X.; Li, Q.; Li, F. White light-emitting diodes based on quaternary Ag–In-Ga-S quantum dots and their influences on melatonin suppression index 2021 Journal of Luminescence 233 117903
Pan, W.; Du, J. Impacts of urban morphological characteristics on nocturnal outdoor lighting environment in cities: An empirical investigation in Shenzhen 2021 Building and Environment in press
McNaughton, E.J.; Beggs, J.R.; Gaston, K.J.; Jones, D.N.; Stanley, M.C. Retrofitting streetlights with LEDs has limited impacts on urban wildlife 2021 Biological Conservation 254 in press
Barré, K.; Kerbiriou, C.; Ing, R.-K.; Bas, Y.; Azam, C.; Le Viol, I.; Spoelstra, K. Bats seek refuge in cluttered environment when exposed to white and red lights at night 2021 Movement Ecology 9 3
Fyie, L.R.; Gardiner, M.M.; Meuti, M.E. Artificial light at night alters the seasonal responses of biting mosquitoes 2021 Journal of Insect Physiology in press in press