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Villarroya-Villalba, L.; Casanelles-Abella, J.; Moretti, M.; Pinho, P.; Samson, R.; Van Mensel, A.; Chiron, F.; Zellweger, F.; Obrist, M.K. Response of bats and nocturnal insects to urban green areas in Europe 2021 Basic and Applied Ecology in press
Höhn, C.; Schmid, S.R.; Plamberger, C.P.; Bothe, K.; Angerer, M.; Gruber, G.; Pletzer, B.; Hoedlmoser, K. Preliminary Results: The Impact of Smartphone Use and Short-Wavelength Light during the Evening on Circadian Rhythm, Sleep and Alertness 2021 Clocks & Sleep 3 66-86
Jones, R.R. Exposure to artificial light at night and risk of cancer: where do we go from here? 2021 British Journal of Cancer in press
Glennon, M.J.; Kretser, H.E. Exurbia East and West: Responses of Bird Communities to Low Density Residential Development in Two North American Regions 2021 Diversity 13 42
Wang, G.; Vega-Rodriguez, J.; Diabate, A.; Liu, J.; Cui, C.; Nignan, C.; Dong, L.; Li, F.; Ouedrago, C.O.; Bandaogo, A.M.; Sawadogo, P.S.; Maiga, H.; Alves E Silva, T.L.; Pascini, T.V.; Wang, S.; Jacobs-Lorena, M. Clock genes and environmental cues coordinate Anopheles pheromone synthesis, swarming, and mating 2021 Science (New York, N.Y.) 371 411-415