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Ye, Y.; Xue, X.; Huang, L.; Gan, M.; Tong, C.; Wang, K.; Deng, J. A new perspective to map the supply and demand of artificial night light based on Loujia1-01 and urban big data 2020 Journal of Cleaner Production 276 123244
Davies, T.W.; McKee, D.; Fishwick, J.; Tidau, S.; Smyth, T. Biologically important artificial light at night on the seafloor 2020 Scientific Reports 10 12545
Zhang, W.; Cui, Y.; Wang, J.; Wang, C.; Streets, D.G. How does urbanization affect CO2 emissions of central heating systems in China? An assessment of natural gas transition policy based on nighttime light data 2020 Journal of Cleaner Production 276 123188
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Peregrym, M.; Penzesne Konya, E.; Falchi, F. Very important dark sky areas in Europe and the Caucasus region 2020 Journal of Environmental Management 274 111167